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I’ve lost count of the times I’ve embarked on a new beginning, but there are three pivotal moments that truly transformed my life. With the arrival of spring according to the Persian calendar, I find myself poised to start anew once again.

In late September 2023, I made a significant life change by moving to Vancouver, Canada. Six months have passed since I left Iran, a place where I had lost all hope for a future, for living a normal life, and for finding happiness.

Now, as I navigate this new chapter in Canada, I am without a network and unfamiliar with the market dynamics. Yet, what I do possess is hope — a powerful drive to reinvent myself as a product owner.

Through this blog, I intend to document my journey, offering a window into my progress over the next two years. My plan is to meticulously outline each step, sharing these experiences with you, my readers. Together, we’ll witness the unfolding of this new chapter in my life, one step at a time.


It’s appropriate to start with an introduction. My name is Reza Dorali. At 33, I am married and hold a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from Tehran University, where I secured the third rank in the entrance examination out of 5,000 candidates.

Over the past eight years, I have honed my skills in various roles, including digital marketer, SEO specialist, and co-founder/manager. My journey also included mandatory military service in Iran. During this challenging period, facing financial difficulties, my wife and I launched an online business that thrived for four years.

Reflecting on my accomplishments, launching and sustaining our online business stands as my most significant achievement, fundamentally altering our financial landscape and, indeed, my entire life. Now, as I glance back at the path I’ve trodden, I find myself confronting the greatest challenge yet — a fusion of all previous hurdles, perhaps even surpassing them. Transitioning to a new country, mastering a new language, and navigating unfamiliar surroundings present formidable obstacles. However, armed with experience and sustained by hope, I embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm. My journey into the unknown is driven by a profound love for the challenges it presents, marking a bold continuation of my life’s adventure.

Changing Direction

Just one month after arriving in Canada, I secured my work permit, filled with optimism about landing a position in marketing or SEO, areas where I had honed my expertise. Yet, after sending out 100 job applications without receiving a single response, my optimism waned, prompting a period of introspection.

Why did I move to Canada? Was it solely to continue in marketing? Did my passion truly lie there? The truth dawned on me; my entry into the marketing world a decade ago was coincidental, propelled by the startup boom. Yet, after eight years, my enthusiasm had diminished. Now, in this new chapter of my life, my passion has shifted toward entrepreneurship and exploring new professional avenues.

Time is of the essence, and dwelling in uncertainty isn’t an option. Thus, I’ve made a decisive pivot: I’m setting my sights on becoming a project manager or product owner. This shift isn’t just a change in job titles; it’s a fundamental realignment of my career path to align with my evolving passions and the new life I’m building in Canada.

While I possess some experience in project and product management from running my own business, my approach was more intuitive than structured. Recognizing the need to deepen my understanding and refine my skills in a more formalized context, I’m now embarking on a journey to learn more about these fields.

This pursuit of knowledge is not just about acquiring information; it’s about equipping myself with the tools and methodologies that will enable me to excel as a project manager or product owner. I’m committed to exploring this new path, understanding its nuances, and integrating this learning into my professional identity. The journey is set to begin, and I’m ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities it presents.

The Plan

As of now, I’m employed as a department assistant manager at Save on Foods. Despite the job stability, I find that both the position and the salary fall short of my aspirations. That’s why I’ve charted a course for the next six months: to acquire certifications as a Scrum Master, CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management), and Product Owner.

Is this feasible? I believe it is. The challenge doesn’t seem insurmountable.

My initial focus will be on Scrum certification, aiming to obtain it from Scrum.org. I’ve chosen Mehdi Hoseini’s course as my learning resource, confident it will steer me in the right direction. My goal is to secure this certification within the next month.

This plan isn’t just about collecting certificates; it’s about equipping myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition into a role that aligns with my passions and career aspirations.

To be continued …

By Reza

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