An Insight into a Course for Professional Analysts and Strategists

In today’s business landscape, organizations and managers, more than ever, rely on the expertise of professional consultants to ensure their survival and growth. In fact, some individuals aspire to become consultants for their own businesses. However, can one truly become a management or strategy consultant solely through reading strategy books or attending MBA courses?

Many MBA graduates, especially those from esteemed universities, often possess a misguided sense of confidence, convinced that they possess the utmost knowledge of business and can provide guidance to organizations while still in the process of learning.

I, too, was once caught in this mindset. I believed that after graduating from a top-tier university and acquiring a solid foundation in management theories, understanding organizational structures, and familiarizing myself with various strategic models such as Porter’s Five Forces and the BCG Matrix, I would be equipped to take on the role of a strategist and enact transformative changes in a business.

Over time, I’ve become a small business owner and I now highly appreciate the real connection I have with concepts like strategy and marketing. Reading strategy books has always served as a leisurely pursuit for me. However, recently I made a decision to put my knowledge to the test by engaging in a real-world, practical course. The Ariana Business School’s exceptional program for professional analysts and strategists became my gateway to embarking on a path of professional growth.

This course has surpassed all my expectations. Its curriculum covers relevant and practical topics, delivered by experienced consultants with a wealth of industry expertise. By incorporating cutting-edge knowledge, the course ensures a truly applicable learning experience. Participating in this program serves as a catalyst, propelling one’s acquisition of genuine skills in the realms of business and strategy within a condensed timeframe.

These days, my interest in the realm of strategic management continues to intensify. I allocate a minimum of one hour each day to the study of strategy books, and I am determined to put my skills to the test in the near future. Nevertheless, I recognize that I still have a long journey ahead, albeit one that brings me immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

My main objective in participating in this course is not to work as a strategy consultant, but rather to explore the fascinating topics related to strategy and learn from the experiences of seasoned professionals. Another course with the same curriculum is being offered by the Management Consultants Association of Iran, where you can obtain an international certification upon completion. There is also a difference of approximately 100 hours in terms of the duration between the course offered by Ariana Business School and the Management Consultants Association of Iran. If you are also interested in these courses, you can review the course outlines and participation requirements through the following links:





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