During the three years that we posted multiple job advertisements, we received hundreds of resumes for different job positions. Personally, I reviewed each resume, and it might be useful for you to know what employers pay attention to during the hiring process. Each resume has less than twenty seconds to make an impression on the employer. If it doesn’t stand out or if the format is messy and disorganized, it gets rejected without any further consideration.

Factors that have an impact:

  • The format of the resume plays a significant role in its evaluation. Resumes submitted in Word format or with scattered fonts and an unorganized structure are rejected without any review.
  • If your resume is under review or awaiting a status determination for more than 3 days, it means that your resume is neither outstanding nor terrible. You are among the lower priorities, and if someone is not hired, your resume might be reconsidered.
  • If you don’t fall within the desired age range or if your salary expectations are higher or lower than the stated range, the likelihood of being contacted decreases.
  • Be sure to mention your location and residential area, especially if you are in a major city. Personally, it is an important factor for me, and even if a person has an excellent resume, we will not contact them if they are too far away from our workplace. I have observed that long distances in a big city like Tehran lead to fatigue and eventually dissatisfaction with work and the work environment.
  • Your telephone manner affects the subsequent stages, especially in small companies that lack dedicated human resources.
  • If you receive a call and are scheduled for an interview, make sure to attend the session even if you don’t intend to work in that company. Otherwise, the employer will note your absence in the hiring panel, and other employers can see these details on your resume, potentially impacting future contact.
  • In addition to the job title, provide a bullet-point description of the responsibilities you had in that company. The job title alone is not sufficient, and employers want to know exactly what tasks you performed and whether you are suitable for the listed job position or not.

By Reza

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